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Podiatry for Children's Feet

Children's feet are mostly cartilage for the duration of their childhood. That means they can be easily damaged by ill fitting footwear and socks. It also means that deformities such as "curly toes" can be easily rectified if caught early enough.
At BHPC we believe strongly in prevention and education. As a mother, Helen knows what it means to want to give your child every possible health advantage in life. From the best diet, teeth, eyes and of course feet that will carry them for a life time. That's why over the past few years Helen Halkias has conducted several Parent Information sessions at local Schools and Kindergartens to educate parents and teachers on issues such as correct footwear, and signs that their children's feet may need professional assessment.
One of the most common signs that is missed or misdiagnosed is their "Growing Pains". Children often experience these at night in bed in their legs and can be a sign that the child's biomechanics need attention. Also tripping and an unwillingness to walk long distances is another potential alarm bell. Caught early enough, effective treatment can prevent a myriad of adult problems in the future.
If Orthotics are part of the required treatment, you can be rest assured that the most practical option will be offered taking into account your Childs growth and your budget.