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Diabetes and Feet

At Burwood Heights Podiatry Clinic, Diabetes and feet are of special interest. To make it more convenient for our Diabetic patients, the clinic offers a Dietitian and a Diabetes Educator, whom are all available by appointment.
Your feet are at risk with Diabetes and should be checked regularly because of potential damage to the nerves and the amount of blood supply to the feet. This damage is more likely to occur if you have had diabetes for a long time, or if blood glucose levels have been high for too long.

We offer a thorough Diabetes check at the clinic:
Ensuring that you have sufficient blood flow to the feet (circulation)
Feeling and reflexes (nerves),
Foot shape
Checks for skin dryness, corns, cracks or infection.

You are then assessed to be in a high or low risk category with the future care of your feet in mind.
If you cant reach or see your feet easily, you should have regular Podiatry treatment to avoid infection and complications.


  • Use moisturiser daily to avoid dry skin (not between toes)
  • Never use over the counter corn pads
  • Wash, dry and look at your feet daily
  • No tight socks or stockings
  • Keep feet away from direct heat such as heaters, hot water bottles and electric blankets
  • Wear supportive shoes that fit well - the right length (a thumb width longer than your longest toe), width and depth.