Burwood Heights Podiatry

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Burwood Heights Podiatry

feetAt Burwood Heights Podiatry Clinic, we can help diagnose and treat the following:

Aged Care Podiatry, Nail Cutting, Callous and Corn Removal, Ingrown Toe Nails, including Nail Surgery and conservative treatment options.
Skin and Nail Infections and viruses like Papillomas and Warts, Fungal Infections.
Heel Pain caused by Heel Spurs.
Arch pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis.
Forefoot and digital pain caused by Neuromas.
A range of Sports Injuries including, Sesamoiditis, Stress Fractures, Shin Pain, Achilles Tendonitis.
Paediatric foot problems including digital deformities.
Intoeing/out, flat feet and Heel pain caused by Severs Disease.


feet little "Healthy Feet are Happy Feet"

Our Clinic offers a professional and friendly service for all ages.
The clinic is a privately run business established by principal podiatrist Helen Halkias and relies on its client source by word of mouth from satisfied patients and professional referrals. We are also registered and recognised TAC, Work Care and Department of Veteran's Affairs providers.


Who is a Podiatrist?
A Podiatrist is a university educated health care professional who is trained to diagnose and treat specific foot and lower limb conditions.