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What are Orthotics?

Orthoses or Orthotics are shoe inserts designed to support and biomechanically align your foot. Therefore improving the efficient function of your foot and lower limb. There are many different types of orthotics. The orthotics Podiatrists prescribe are very different to some "arch Supports' readily available from pharmacies and some shoes shops. Whilst these prefabricated devices have there place and uses, they are not comparable to the devices prescribed by a Podiatrist in terms of function, fit and longevity.


orthoticsOrthotics burwood heights podiatryOrthotics are widely used by Burwood Heights Podiatry Clinic (BHPC) to treat a range of foot and lower limb problems in conjunction with other therapies which often include, stretching and strengthening different muscle groups. We offer a range of devices to suit patients, taking in to consideration the problem, the footwear, the patients lifestyle and your budget. These range from Custom made devices, to semi-customised to a range of prefabricated devices.


We also offer orthotics in a range of different materials and densities as rigid or "hard" orthotics are not for everyone, so we also offer a range of semi-rigid and soft devices. Helen can assess which devices will be most suited for your needs and lifestyle.


Signs that you may need to have your feet checked can included;
Persistent Calluses and corns (this shows an uneven pressure distribution in the foot and should be investigated), Uneven wear patterns in footwear, Pain in feet, and legs, tired or "burning feet".

Appropriate footwear is imperative in the adequate functioning of orthotics. At BHPC, part of orthotic assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of your footwear and education on appropriate footwear and if required, appropriate referrals to footwear suppliers.