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Sports Podiatary

Sports Podiatry Burwood Heights

What is Sports Podiatry?

" Any unintentional or intentional damage to the body resulting from participation in any past time or game requiring physical effort that is undertaken for amusement, diversion or fun" (Chalmers, 2002).

How can a Podiatrist help?
A podiatrist can help in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal lower limb injuries.

What should a Podiatrist do?

Make/ Confirm the diagnosis
Liaison as necessary
Advise Patient
Treat with mechanical, physical, and chemical modalities as appropriate

Common management strategies include:

Orthoses Therapy
Stretching and Strengthening programs
Footwear Advice and Referral
Advice regarding self physical therapies and pharmacological treatment
X-Ray and Ultrasound referral
Patient advice regarding activity modification, training basics, braces and strapping.

Sporting Statistics

<60% of all injuries occur below the hip.
Commonest acute injury is an ankle sprain (Garrick, 1977)
Commonest tendon injury is to the Achillies tendon (Marks, 1999)